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DuPont Suva 134a Refrigerant
DuPont Suva 134a 30lbs Can RefrigerantRefrigerant for R-134a A/C Systems OnlyCylinder FILLED WITH 30 LBS of DuPont RefrigerantReady For Use..
FJC Extreme Cold Additive Charge
High Performance Refrigerant Additive Lowers Duct Temperature up to 15%Extends Compressor LifeImproves PerformanceFriction reducing additivesCompatible with PAG & Ester OilsFor use in R134a systems onlyContains 2 oz R134a & 2 oz Extreme Cold®Part #9150..
FJC R134a
R134a – 12 oz cansAll refrigerants available for sale in case, single cylinder or truck load quantitiesDomestic RefrigerantPart #695..
FJC R134a U-Charge Hose
R134a U-Charge Hose with Coupler and GaugeAllows quick filling from can of R134a or additive and Easy to Read Gauge lets you monitor pressure while filing A/C SystemFor use in adding R134a Refrigerant or additives to vehicleLowside Gauge monitors pressure to aid in getting a correct chargePart #6036..
FJC R134a Universal PAG Oil Charge
FJC R134a Universal PAG Oil ChargeReplace Lubricant without Discharging the systemCompatible with all R134a systems, OEM and RetrofitContains 2 oz PAG & 2 oz R134aPart #9145..
Johnsen's Air Conditioning Products
Johnsen’s brand has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket car care business since 1928. Starting with packaging brake fluid, Johnsen’s has always been there to answer the needs of the automotive car care consumer. Johnsen’s has been a leader in responding to the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket with many innovations over the years. We offer a complete line of automotive fluids, a..
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