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DuPont Suva 134a Refrigerant
DuPont Suva 134a 30lbs Can RefrigerantRefrigerant for R-134a A/C Systems OnlyCylinder FILLED WITH 30 LBS of DuPont RefrigerantReady For Use..
FJC Extreme Cold Additive Charge
High Performance Refrigerant Additive Lowers Duct Temperature up to 15%Extends Compressor LifeImproves PerformanceFriction reducing additivesCompatible with PAG & Ester OilsFor use in R134a systems onlyContains 2 oz R134a & 2 oz Extreme Cold®Part #9150..
FJC R134a
R134a – 12 oz cansAll refrigerants available for sale in case, single cylinder or truck load quantitiesDomestic RefrigerantPart #695..
FJC R134a U-Charge Hose
R134a U-Charge Hose with Coupler and GaugeAllows quick filling from can of R134a or additive and Easy to Read Gauge lets you monitor pressure while filing A/C SystemFor use in adding R134a Refrigerant or additives to vehicleLowside Gauge monitors pressure to aid in getting a correct chargePart #6036..
FJC R134a Universal PAG Oil Charge
FJC R134a Universal PAG Oil ChargeReplace Lubricant without Discharging the systemCompatible with all R134a systems, OEM and RetrofitContains 2 oz PAG & 2 oz R134aPart #9145..
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